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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I’m having such a great time writing about my fictional “Riverdale, Illinois,” the county seat of the fictional “Dale County,” that I feel like I’ve been away on vacation. My Instruments of Death series from Crossroad Press is set primarily in Riverdale with two novels in Willow Woods, Illinois, and three other novels set in Merritt County, Wisconsin.

            Pinking Shears ties together characters from Claw Hammer with characters from Pickaxe. Detective Sergeant Carl Erickson has been promoted to lieutenant and is in charge of the newly reorganized Violent Crime Division. Troy Nolan, Richard Pearson, and Betty Brooks come on board as rookie detectives. I love writing police procedurals. And I love creating serial killers that are true human monsters. I’m having a ball tying everything together into a pretty little package.

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